Students Need to Know

Make Peace With the World - Author Unknown, Oct. 2016
Photo Credits: Make Peace With the World – Author Unknown, Oct. 2016

If you are one of thousands of Illinois students who depend on the MAP Grant as part of the funds to make up your tuition, you need to read this.

On October 11, 2016, it was announced that first-time submissions [by your institution] can be made online. Then if you keep reading, it says that this current semester HASN’T BEEN FUNDED BY RAUNER YET. Say what? Yes, he’s sitting on his hamstring, waiting for God knows what, before making sure that thousands of students have all of the allotted funds that they have coming.

What does this have to do with writing CSS or HTML5? I would say it affects the peace of mind of the person doing the work – not only in this class, but all of them. It makes absolutely NO SENSE to continue to hold the students hostage while the Democrats and Republicans in Springfield spar over fillet mignon at the Springfield equivalent of Gibsons; it’s tiresome, and students need to do something about it NOW.

The article is found on the Illinois Student Assistance Commission‘s website. Their homepage now has info for this term as well as the 2017-18 term, which is what the new FAFSA covers. This is getting beyond belief, that there’s no budget and no one is rioting in the streets of Illinois. Where are our heads at, what are we thinking about all day? Hillary & Donald? Unbelievable.




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