Where’s My M.A.P. Grant? Answered!

UPDATE – Fall Semester, 2017 – Last year, all students who were eligible for M.A.P. Grants were disappointed as Springfield continued it’s disrespect of the citizens who attend college. However, this year when they finally agreed on a budget in early July, that $$ automatically kicked out to the students who qualified – two semesters’ worth. Then they turned around and began to fight over the overall education funding for the entire state. That was also settled [I think] just before school began in August. What next?

Following is the original article.


In September, 2016, I wrote about the fact that ISAC, the Illinois authority that manages the MAP Grants, and their delay in releasing this semester’s funds to students. Now, their website says that if your 2016-17 application was submitted on or after MARCH 10, 2016. It also said something about DWs [Dislocated Workers]. You better read it; looks like they’re trying to find a way not to pay this time. Then in the same breath [which I wrote about previously], it provides all of the ways that institutions can submit the students who are applying for 2017-18.

Now, other schools outside of the CCC system go ahead and just pay the MAP Grants for the students. That’s too much like right for CCC; our money is going to the developers who are building units with no low-income component. This is the City That Works, right?



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