Web Class99 was created for a web development class that I’m taking during this Fall semester of 2016. It’s interesting because heretofore, I’ve always created just a section on one of my existing sites when a professor requested a blog. It didn’t work this time; mainly because those were classes on the other side of of the web creator equation. And as I mentioned on the home page, when you think you know everything, you’re already operating at a deficit! This site is specifically for learning what’s out there as the art of web design & development mature; after all, this is the commercial Internet’s 21st year of existence.

So, let’s have a conversation on the newest tools for webmistresses [and webmasters] great and small. Whether you’re creating a platform to talk politics, sell your ‘widgets,’ or gather your friends together outside of Facebook, Web Class99 will have info to use that will help you do it better.


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