Students Need to Know

Make Peace With the World - Author Unknown, Oct. 2016

Photo Credits: Make Peace With the World - Author Unknown, Oct. 2016 If you are one of thousands of Illinois students who depend on the MAP Grant as part of the funds to make up your tuition, you need to read this. On October 11, 2016, it was announced that first-time submissions [by your institution] can … Continue reading Students Need to Know

Improving Your Blog Posts

A rolled-up mooring line, waiting for his tourist boat to return. Aug. 2016. (c) 2016, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.

There's an interesting article from Zerys, a site that provides content management services...

Google Search Console

Learning Android Studio @DIY Workshop, 2014. Credits: The DIY Photographer.

For the new generation, Google is ubiquitous to the Internet. For those of us who remember when they started, however, watching their nimble moves to touch and master everything tech is fascinating

Tech History Worth Reading

Technology pioneers come in all shades. Meet game designer Ed Smith.

The Blogging Begins…

Humble beginninngs for a new, specifically purposed website. Pray for me!